New Plans.

So, I had these huge, grandiose plans to start a blog. I was going to be creative; I was going to connect. I got the site, customized it, sent out the link. Then, a few things got in the way. First, I didn’t like the previous format for my other blog–too cutesy and confusing. I’d like to tell you about my other distractions.

The first is my little 4 1/2 month baby boy. He is wondrously zen throughout the day, and loves to cuddle and smile. Now that he can actually get his toes into his mouth, he may quite possibly be the happiest little man in the entire world. However, he has decided in the past month that he no longer needs to sleep after 1am, which does not work very well for the rest of the family. Even Spike and Stella (our 4-year old schnoodles) are dragging from lack of sleep.

The second “distraction” is my two-year-old toddler genius. She is a sparkling gem of a girl, and she will tell you so. She is daddy’s princess, as much as I despise that term, and she likes to change clothes at least five times per day. Today she told me, “If I get in Brother’s jumper, my ticket straight to bed.” Right now, we are working to establish consequences around this place. I’ll let you know how that goes when she actually starts listening to anything that I say. Which will most likely be never.

And, then there’s my lovely husband of nearly 7 years, who on any given Tuesday will come home and drag his family to Baltimore for a ballgame, just to say we went. He is wickedly smart and entertaining, and some days it is hard to do things like laundry when I could simply listen and learn from his passionate ramblings.

In a nutshell, this is my life. Since I have never before been a mother of two, and really never quite got the hang of being a mother of one, each day presents a vast expanse of challenges. Some days I fail, and some days I feel unstoppable, like Lynda Carter without the costume. However, each day I take deep breaths and move forward, knowing that I love my family more than life itself. So, for now, small goals. Will try to write again soon!


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