And then there were tears.

Can I just say AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Holy cow, the terrible twos are not only terrible, they are also hellacious, awful, mind-numbing, and just plain miserable. I was never going to be the mother of the tantrum-wielding toddler in the middle of the grocery store. Oh no, my kids would never, ever behave that way. And, now back to reality. Today was one of those days that, as a mother, I sit here now with two sleeping kiddos upstairs and think, whoa, what HAVE I gotten myself into.

 Right now I am mentally sending myself to a happy place. That was me, 5 months pregnant with my little girl, in Hawaii on the North Shore. I was so naive, so happy. Birds were chirping, waves were crashing, surfers were happily avoiding shark attacks. There were no tears, no tantrums, no screaming in the middle of Babies-R-Us.

After the first time I got pooped on, I realized parenting was not for those with a weak stomach. After the 10th time, I realized that even if you think you are the master, you are decidedly not.

Today, I realized that I am in fact the mother of that screaming child in the store. Just when I think I’ve got it all figured out, am back to the proverbial square one. I need a drink.




5 responses to “And then there were tears.

  1. P.S. Had to cut that post short. Will elaborate further at a later date. 🙂

  2. And NOW you are a mommy! 😉 Deep breathing and counting to 10 really does help.

  3. Thanks to 1/2 a bottle of pinot I am now in my happy place! I spent literally 7 hours making bethany write lines and clean her room, and finally around dinner time I think her punishment took effect…this was after she got spanked by Dad last night…..oh man the terrible 2’s sucked, 3’s were worse and 6….that’s a whole new ball game. And we are starting all over again with Madison!

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