Since it’s too early for a drink (mom guilt typically renders alcoholic beverages to be inappropriate before dinner time), I will blog instead. Holy cow, oh my word, bleep, bleep, and freaking BLEEP. Taking two children to the doctor sucks. Taking two children to a two-hour allergist appointment is sort of like hell on earth. Throw in an MRI scan, and whoa, today was not good. No friends, not good at all.

My little ballerina has had swollen eyes for about two months now. After three trips to the pediatrician, we went to the allergist today to see if an expert could determine what in the world is making her eyes so puffy. After being warned by friends about how…..unfriendly allergist appointments are, I knew we were in for it. Luckily my husband could get out of work to make the appointment a foursome, rather than a threesome (If I had attempted to go alone, I am not sure I would be writing this now).

So, they tested her with like 12 pricks to start, sort of like a TB screening test. Then, since that showed nothing, they injected her (like, with full on needles) 6 times (which felt like 100) in the arm. I just had to hold her while she screamed. Then, Nothing. No dog allergies, like we thought. No mold, ragweed, grass, etc. How frustrating!

Let the record show that the doctor’s office made every attempt to be comforting, with movies, suckers, a treasure chest…..and all in all, my daughter was actually very good for the doctor, asking questions about her heartbeat, saying AHHHH, all the necessary tasks.

It’s when the doctor is not in the room, when you are trapped behind the closed-door, that the chaos begins. I am a bit claustrophobic, and being trapped in a small closet with my husband and two kiddos sent me off the deep end. I put on a brave face, but the “what’s this?” and “I don’t want to!” and “I want a snack!” (no food allowed in an allergy clinic, but I snuck her some anyway) comments, while nursing a fussy seven month old that has already spit up on you 17 times because he’s not really hungry and all he wants to do is sleep, were like daggers in my brain.

Now, the kids are napping, the house is quiet, the dogs are resting, and I am trying to find my happy place. I guess writing about it seems to just get it out of me, which is helpful and quite therapeutic.

Anyway, the doctor said we needed an MRI to make sure it wasn’t some sort of nasal blockage. We went, and luckily, NO WAIT, which was incredible. However, going into get an MRI scan with a child that has already been at the doctor for 2 hours and been stabbed repeatedly was not such a wonderful idea. She was a champ, but wanted to potentially try to break every piece of equipment in the very sterile, very strange and very space-shuttle-ish room.

And then we got to the car, and we’d misplaced “Ellie,” her lovie that is seriously more of a part of the family than our dog Stella. 🙂

My husband had to go back and hunt for it, and when he came around the corner carrying the little pink blankie, cheers of elated joy erupted in the car.

I walked out and met him, both of us smiling and laughing. I seriously almost cried. We hugged for a long time, thankful that the worst was over and we had made it through, together.

What had we accomplished? A doctor’s office visit (with no snacks and toddler torture), an MRI and a lost lovie, yes. But, it’s those moments when I am so unbelievably overwhelmed with how much I love that man and how lucky I am to be going through this parenting ordeal with him. It happens on occasion where I can just sort of stare at him and see images flash of the man he was 10 years ago up through today and be simply awestruck by the life that we live now.

So, today was not a good day. But, it wasn’t a bad day. I guess it was sort of normal, really. And, now that it’s quiet and my jitters are gone, I am kind of in love with normal.

I have so much more to write about, but for now, this will do. Will catch up soon.

Cheers (you can assume I will be having a big ol’ glass of wine later),

Mommy Diarist



4 responses to “WHOA.

  1. 😦 Poor little lady. I’m glad its over and I’m fully supportive of a dose of alcohol before dinner!

  2. What a great post – I’m sorry little Sophia had to undergo all of that stress and torture at the Doctor’s Office 😦 – but you are a wonderful mother to your kids and I SO loved reading how much John being there made the day a little easier for you. It’s helpful (for a newlywed) to hear stories like this one, where you go through situations like this together and become stronger because of it all :). Being “in love with normal” is one of the best things I’ve heard in a while and I have to say that I agree. Give him a big birthday hug from us today!! XO

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