Breakfast date.

 I am NOT a morning person, at all. I am cranky, hateful and disheveled when the dawn breaks. It’s not pretty. Wildhorse knows not to talk to me in the a.m., and for this I feel sort of bad, especially since he always comes over and kisses me goodbye. But, at least he respects it. And, let’s be honest, he simply got tired of getting his head bitten off by his crazy wife. Yes, that’s me.

My little Huck-man wakes up between 6:30-7am. Typically he wakes me up with giggles instead of cries. He is such a good boy. I hear him, and I try to roll over and pretend I am dreaming. But, I just want to get my hands on him. I am not sure why I am so crazy with my husband, but absolutely can’t wait to have a breakfast date with my little baby.

Juney doesn’t wake up until around 8:30, so while I am drinking my coffee, Huck is eating puffs and having a bottle. We head-bob to the tunes on Pandora. I get more smiles than I ever deserve. It’s priceless.

The time is now 8:25, so time to get the little lady up to get ready for preschool. Have a great day all! Love, love, LOVE fall!!!

The Mommy Diarist



One response to “Breakfast date.

  1. I love that sweet time in the morning when it’s just Toby and I. I’ve been reading my Bible with him over a cup of coffee 🙂 I’m also learning to appreciate the one on one time in the afternoon while Jonah is napping rather than being upset I can’t get them on the same schedule!! Thank heaven for smiley little boys, right?

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