Go Cards!

Let’s Go Cardinals!!!!!!

Wildhorse lives and breathes the St. Louis Cardinals. LIVES and BREATHES. Living here in Virginia, we got the MLB package to watch each and every game. We have the cards shirts/backpacks/baseball gloves/bibs/blanket/caps/build-a-bear/cooler/etc….

We try to make it to a few games per year, despite being 800 miles away from Bush stadium.

We are fans.

Therefore, things are very tense in this house today. We are down in the series to the Texas Rangers 3-2. Tonite matters; tonite is THE event.

I just needed to put it out there in the world that while there are obviously more important world events going on today, Game 6 of the World Series is a pretty big deal.

We are playing back on our home turf. Garcia is on the mound. Maybe Pujols’ last game? (For the record, Wildhorse was checking out Pujols headlines while I was in labor with Huck. I believe I threatened his life if he did not stop reading about Albert and start breathing through contractions with me).

I am dodging squirrels (they are plentiful and lazy in my neighborhood), and I have all of our Cards gear run through the wash.

Please, please, please, Albert, Matt, Yadi (my main man), Lance, David, John, Nick and the rest of you lovely fine gentlemen….let’s bring home a winner. I want to have a good weekend. Love you, now be brilliant.

Cheers, cheers, and CHEERS!!

The Mommy Diarist


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