Randomly fun weekend.

I had a relatively random weekend. I kept my camera close by for much of it, resulting in a series of appropriately random photos. Hope you enjoy my randomness!

In the aftermath of Halloween, Juney has worn her entire Dorothy ensemble at some point each day. She is absolutely in love with her ruby slippers.


On Thursday night Wildhorse had a night out with the boys. Juney and I had a slumber party to pass the time. I had intended to spend the night reading, but Juney would not go to bed and I could not battle her any more that particular day. Plus, she is pretty cute when she is trying to get her way.








Saturday night I had a night out with two of my greatest friends. We had a wonderful time in Washington, D.C. It was odd to be out of my house after dark, but a much needed break for my kiddos. Plus, I got to wear my new skinny jeans and boots.

I am most definitely not 21 anymore, though it’s fun to pretend every once in a while. Since Saturday was a late, late night, Sunday morning was extraordinarily rough, especially since Juney was up at 6:30 a.m. (Can I just say daylight savings  truly means nothing to parents of small children.)

Wildhorse decided to let Huck get messy at breakfast. Juney ate like 4 pieces of bacon.

Overall, we had a nice, quiet day at home with a few fun moments and lots of Tylenol and water.

Thanks for reading! Hope you had a great weekend!

The Mommy Diarist







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