Last night, Wildhorse and I made the mistake of watching House Hunters International of HGTV. Today, all morning in fact, I have been dreaming about moving to a very, very small village tucked between the boot and the heel in Italy and making friends with lots of really, really old women. In the end, the couple (a travel writer and an unemployed journeyman, our dream jobs) chose a flat that had no heat and no kitchen for $40,000 American dollars. Hmmm, thinking that might not work for my family. And, presumably, school would be tricky for my kids since they don’t speak any Italian (However, Huck does day mama, dada, ninite, baba and hey)(And Juney never stops talking, in English). But now, back to reality. Dream remains a dream.

(If you skipped that song, go back and listen. It’s pretty awesome (even if the NFL overplayed it), and it will be in your head all day, which is nice, because it’s cool.)

Wildhorse and I had soo many dreams when we moved to Virginia. Travel was probably the biggest. We wanted to go everywhere, still do. While Wildhorse was on his third trip to Iraq, or the Sandbox as he affectionately calls it, we took a mid-tour leave trip to Toronto.

It was amazing. Great city–so clean. Great food. Great bellinis.

Two months later, we got the surprise that changed our travel dreams forever…..Juney would be joining our dreamer duo. Ummm, shocker. Holy crap. Yeah, did I mention it was a surprise?? Seriously, he was home for two weeks. God has a plan, and his plan surely changed ours.

I love my children more and more everyday. I love my husband. I love, love, LOVE my life. But, somedays I do pine for those trips we never took…is that ok? I mean, Napa with a 2.5 year old and 11 month old…not happening. Then there is International travel, a feat I find scarier than the Paranormal Activity previews. Do you know how much it is to even fly overseas??? And, what would we do with the kids when we got there. For serious, when I travel, I like to eat, drink wine, and chit-chat about politics, pop culture, funny memories and inappropriate anecdotes. Though Juney could probably keep up with the conversation, I am not sure it is my dream come true.

But, I keep on dreaming. And, I hope my kids dream bigger than their parents. I think if you stop dreaming, you stop living. I am not the first to make this realization, but it’s important to acknowledge the sentiment. Keep dreaming. Life is unconventional in every way. Dreams keep me in check, make me want to be better each and every day. (Kind of rhymed).

Now that I sound like the guy at the end of Pretty Woman, I will stop. Time for a dance party in the kitchen. Just living the dream.


The Mommy Diarist


5 responses to “Dreamers…

  1. Come on, y’all, leave some comments!! 🙂

  2. Let me guess, John would be the ‘unemployed journeyman’, everyone who just read your post has now added Toronto to their ‘cities-to-see list’, and there is no doubt in my mind that Juney would be able to not only keep up with your overseas chit-chat about this and that, she’d probably convince someone that she is old enough to drink the wine too 🙂

    Great post girlfriend and I must say, I needed to read this today. Keep posting and let me know when the next dance party is – I’m there!

    ps – because I think it’s too cute to pass up, I think your Wildhorse and Little Miss Juney should try and remake this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLu73iGs-Ws).

  3. Hey! So something I have to remind myself and Joe from time to time – we aren’t always going to have little kids and will be able to, in our case, rent an RV and set out for the northwest US. We are in the kid phase and it def comes with its sacrifices and rewards. I don’t have to tell you that!

    More important reasons to stay healthy now – so we can do some of that crazy stuff later.

    Oh, and I have done 3 countries in Europe with L when she was almost 2 and then just over 3. Not quite so romantic, but memorable nonetheless!

    • Definitely a good reminder!!! Are you doing an RV trip? That is awesome!

      Don’t get me wrong, I love our kiddo trips. I think it will only get more fun as they get older…until they are teenagers and hate everything. 🙂 I think you are 100% right about getting healthy for the kids’ sake and also for a more productive post-kid life, and that is certainly something I take much more seriously these days.

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