too much.

Brain. On. Overload. Must. Blog.

So, January is well on its way to February, and I am still trying to catch up from Christmas. I have not yet penned my resolutions, matched the thousands of socks in two heaping laundry baskets upstairs, read my book club book, balanced my home budget or cleaned out my car, all things I told myself I would have done by February 1st. Where does the time go??? More importantly, why do I keep imposing deadlines that ultimately cannot be met? Why must there always be deadlines?? From the moment I wake up, I am battling everything from water bills to photo submission deadlines to milk expiration dates.

If I have learned anything about myself in the 30 years I have known me, this is it. I am absolutely certain that when I am overwhelmed/stressed/unhappy, my brain stops computing in any sort of rational way and goes into super-crazy lady mode. Super-crazy lady mode cannot clearly be defined, but it usually involves slamming cabinets, food (usually of the junk food variety, since I DESERVE it), and a long tearful chat with Wildhorse in which I get the “you’ve-been-talking-for-more-than-15-minutes-straight” open-mouthed stare as a response.

I am not there. Not yet. But, storms a-brewing.

First step to feeling more accomplished is going to be more sleep. So, this will be a short entry. I may not have finished the laundry today, but I did finger-paint, so all is not lost.

For those that know me, you know I am trying to launch my photography business while wrapping my mind around Wildhorse’s upcoming departure to Afghanistan for three months. Will try to keep the pity party to a minimum. Once I catch my groove, I am sure my incessant complaining will once again give way to witty banter and motivational speak. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

The Mommy Diarist


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