one day at a time…

After spending many, many, MANY nights wide awake in bed, drowning slowly in lofty dreams, business ideas, children’s book plots, incomplete tasks and unrealized goals, I have had an epiphany of sorts. Or maybe it’s a wake-up call. A moment of clarity, if you will. And here it is…….

Ideas + Scatter-brained approach – Organization = Chaos (GENIUS)

Goals + Dreams + Book Plots – Plan = Nothing (BRILLIANT)

Motivation + Good Intentions – Action = Sitting on the couch, drinking a Bud Light, watching the Real Housewives (Archimedes-esque)

Still with me? I know all of you right-brainers are thinking, “What is she saying exactly”?? It is pretty ground-breaking. HA! I need a plan, that’s what!!

Engaging planning phase. Goal-setting, if you will, which I have talked about extensively on this blog, but never actually accomplished (sorry to any of you who believed I actually had it all together). I am going to spend the next week making a list of said goals, dreams, book plots, etc., and I will share with you once complete. In embracing the self-help spirit of the blogiverse, I intend to utilize this forum to explore my quest to accomplish said goals while being a mommy and a wife. I think this is what I was trying to do all along, but not until tonite did I actually realize the purpose of this blog. Yes, folks, I believe I’ve had my coming-of-age moment.

So many dear friends of mine feel trapped in mommyhood (or even wife-hood), thinking that dreamer days are in the past. I say dream on (in the key of Pretty Woman guy and Steven Tyler)!

More to come. Kind of giddy with excitement, despite croup-y baby and Afghanistan bound husband. Life is everywhere, and life is good.

The Mommy Diarist



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