My Lovely Distractions

Good morning to the world! Bittersweet day. In lieu of lots of whiny words, I thought I would share some pics I took yesterday. Still trying to perfect my new camera in low light settings.

Juney literally walks into the house, strips down naked, asks for a drink (in a very throaty, thirty voice) and plops down on the couch with a stack of books. Yes, this happens everytime we come into the house. Crazy kid.

I love this boy.

How is he almost one already?? CRAZY!!!

Yes, that is an Albert Einstein doll. Santa has a sense of humor. Oh, and notice Juney now has clothes on…sort of. A Snow White dress counts, right?

Even Spike was a little bit sad yesterday.

This picture makes me laugh. His eyes are HUGE. And he is watching something absolutely riveting. Or terrifying. Not sure.

Time for lots of morning cuddles. Staying positive (despite lonely sleepless night. I know, poor me. Ok, I had to whine a little.), and ready for lots of important changes. However, it would be great if everyone in my house would simply stop coughing and snotting all over the place. No one ever tells you how positively disgusting kids can be. You’ve been warned.

The Mommy Diarist


2 responses to “My Lovely Distractions

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Glad you were able to find some sweet moments yesterday! And I think you’re definitely getting the hang of that new shiny camera!! These are great!!

  2. Thank you! I feel like the better I get at low light, the more effective I will be in all lighting. I have been learning soooo much!

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