I recently saw a quote, most likely on pinterest, that went something like this: “You can do anything in this life, but you can’t do everything.” I have been thinking about these words incessantly since we were first introduced. What an inspiring, yet troubling truth in life!

Today, instead of focusing on doing everything, I am devoting myself to bettering my tiny little family in my tiny little suburban home in my own tiny little world.

So, though I won’t be posting a life-changing goal-setting post, I can offer you these few tidbits. Yesterday, when I locked myself out of the house for the second time in one week, Juney told me, “Mommy, we need a SUPER hero to help us.” I agreed, and though I am no super hero (I got us locked out in the first place, after all.) we eventually made our way in, with Juney clapping for me from the car. Too cute. I kind of felt like Catwoman, since I had to be so flexible to climb into the back window.

Also, this morning, the kids were taking a bath. Huck decided to, well, do a little #2 in the bath water. Gross, I know. So, all were evacuated, and the water was drained. While we were watching the water go down the drain, Huck peed all over Juney’s leg. I laughed until my sides hurt.

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday!!

The Mommy Diarist


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