Racing the clock, all day long.

Since I have about 127.5 seconds to spend on this post, I must apologize again for my absence and lack of depth and life-altering advice in recent postings. I just planned (and quite successfully executed) Huck’s 1st birthday party, am planning a bridal shower with the help of my sisters, concepting another birthday party for Juney in late March, trying to finish my portfolio for my webpage, editing photos, sending care packages to Afghanistan, scheduling photo shoots, watching The Voice, creating nutritious meals for my kiddos, dieting, and working out (lost 15 pounds since January 5th!!).

Throw in just plain old exhaustion, and blogging is not at the top of the list these days. However, here are some pics to enjoy. They are not the absolute greatest quality, but I am obsessed with photographing my babies together. Their interactions are so stinking funny.

Huck, in his new favorite thing in the whole world, his car (courtesy of mom and dad), wearing his new flight suit (courtesy of mom and dad’s money), and his favorite new expression (let’s be honest, probably courtesy of mom, too).

Love these kids! There is so much sanity found in insanity!

Have a great week!

The Mommy Diarist




One response to “Racing the clock, all day long.

  1. oh i hear ya. i’ve really cut back on blogging & it’s really helped my sanity & probably my health! and also? i’m addicted to the voice too. i have a date night w/ my DVR & loads of laundry every monday night. it’s how i kill two birds with one stone 🙂

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