Coming around…..

So, obviously things have been pretty quiet in Mommy Diarist world, at least as far as blog posts are concerned. In actuality, things have been kind of great….and sad–this sort of controlled chaos full of temper tantrums and cuddles, which, for the record, truly do cancel out all the bad stuff. We visited family in the Midwest (no my family does not have cows in their backyard) for a few weeks, and are now home embracing all that spring brings with it: walks, cool breezes, cute shoes, lots of playgrounds, and beautiful flowers. Lots of photo shoots in the works and lots of random fun activities keeping us busy.

Really appreciating my friendships these days. It is hard for me to ask for help, and I am lucky enough to have friends that don’t make me ask.

Anyway, will try to get caught up on posts this month. Today is the 2nd day of a 28 day weight-loss journey for me. To embark upon said journey, I am cutting out all meat, dairy, processed foods, and oils. Uh, yeah. So, I am eating a lot of raw stuff, veggies, fruits, etc. I don’t plan on being like this forever, as Wildhorse would veto my meat-free, heavy whipping cream-free life changes, even if my weight loss results are incredible. 🙂 However, I am curious to see what my results are in the end.

Juney turned 3!!! Crazy! Time flies so very fast.

Anyway, breakfast is over. Time for Zumba, park, AND a doctor’s appointment. 🙂 Have a great week all!


The Mommy Diarist


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