Hold up, am I confused? Or just bitchy?

So, I had several what the feck (in the style of Zooey Deschanel in Almost Famous, man I love that movie) moments yesterday, and I wanted to share.

So, my Zumba teacher, who previously had a mohawk, came into class yesterday with super long hair. And it was curly. Like, not cute curly, but a bad at home perm kit curly. I guess it was fun to watch her swing it around while leading our group, but I am just not quite sure why she picked that particular style. She is gorgeous, mohawk or bad hairdo, but I was confused.

Then, I got a letter to call the Department of Defense about something from when Wildhorse was in the Army. I called at 3 p.m., call center closes at 4. I received a message when I called that they could not take my call due to high call volume, and to call back at between 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Soooooo, wtf? Are you open until 4 or what??

Then, finally, while waiting in line with my two children so Juney could milk a cow (I now realize I am totally suburban), this lady cuts in line and pushes her three boys in front of all the other YOUNGER kids waiting somewhat patiently to be part of our pastoral history. I had so much rage, I did not know what to do! I wanted to say so many things to this woman: who do you think you are? did you not see the line? don’t you know that I have a 3 year old that mentioned she needs to go potty, but we are waiting in line to milk this damned cow and she won’t leave without doing so? I felt like I had line-cutters road-rage or something. She looked at me, and I was nice enough, mentioned how crazy it was in there and that there actually was a line. She was sort of sorry, but not sorry enough, so I was still peeved, but we went on with our lives.

Simply had to share. I feel better now. Have a great day!

The Mommy Diarist


2 responses to “Hold up, am I confused? Or just bitchy?

  1. What a day! Need chocolate??

  2. Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife

    Line cutters are the WORST! And I totally get line cutting rage when it happens…it’s really bad when people cut the line in traffic. Road rage + line cutting rage = apocalypse in my car.

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