Delicioso Black Bean Vegan Tacos

I have never shared a recipe on here, much less one I threw together myself. Moment of intense self-satisfaction? Why, yes it is. However, all the credit goes to Trader Joe’s. Seriously, what a cool store!

As I am on Day 12 of my no meat, no dairy, no oils, no overly processed foods challenge (I’ve lost 6 pounds!!!!!), I have found myself in the kitchen a lot more than usual. Typically, I am cooking 1 of 2 things: stir-fry with Trader’s Joe’s Soyaki Sauce or black bean tacos.

Here is the “recipe” for some pretty darn yummy vegan tacos!

You will need:

Black Beans (I use low-sodium TJ’s)
Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions (yes, also TJ’s, in the frozen section)
Barley and Brown Rice (see above)
Grape Tomatoes
Pea Shoots
Extra Fine Corn tortillas (Only 1 gram of fat for 2 tortillas!)
Hot Sauce (I use Ortega, because that’s what my mom always uses!)

So, there is no real recipe. Cook the beans, rice, and peppers per instructions. I heat the corn tortillas in a skillet with no oil. Just about 30 seconds on each side. For a crispier shell, you know what to do. Then, I spoon in a small scoop of rice, and build from there! I like the pea shoots because they offer a good crunch, as well as a very clean, crisp flavor. Honestly, you could put just about anything along with the beans/rice mix. I imagine cheese would be absolutely lovely with these, but no cheese for me!

The great thing about these ingredients is they keep well for leftovers. My tacos were made from leftovers from dinner with a dear friend last night! Easy, peasy for sure.

Really, vegan recipes are very simple in nature and construction. I have throughly enjoyed trading Chick-fil-a for lunches at home.


One response to “Delicioso Black Bean Vegan Tacos

  1. LOVE this – can’t wait to try!!

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