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Making a Comeback


Obviously, it’s been ages since I have written anything, much less a blog post. The past seven months have been extremely fast, busy, hectic, stressful, trying….how else can I say hard? I tried desperately not to advertise the fact that Wildhorse was in Afghanistan, but my deployment induced rants usually had a lot to do with said topic, so I just kept quiet and carried on my own way during a terribly inconvenient ordeal. Plus, I know many families have to endure the same hardships, many in situations way worse than my own, so even though I really, really wanted that pity party, I attempted to keep all whining and complaining to myself. And Juney. We whined about it together, which was therapeutic and oftentimes very, very funny. She became my partner, and I’d like to think we made a good team, despite all the yelling and screaming.

Huck is now 18 months old, and is typically either a jovial, loving little boy or a stark-raving lunatic. Either way, he is all boy, which is dangerous for all of those involved in his care-giving. He has eyelashes for days and such a sweet little heart, but he also likes to jump off the couch onto his head and stand on the dining room chairs. He gets more and more impatient with any sort of limitations found in the world as he sees it, and I have to admit, I am so sad my little baby isn’t a little baby anymore.

Now that Wildhorse is home, things are better, but we seem to be stuck in the doldrums of a serious bad luck spell, which I will write more about soon. Had a lovely weekend, and just thought I would attempt to get a few words down before tackling all the other crappy, un-fun things on my list. Here’s to new beginnings! Have a great week all!


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