Still working.

Hey y’all. Surviving here. Actually, have been surprisingly busy. Working my tail off, literally. For example, yesterday, I watched two episodes of Downton Abbey, after a lovely dinner with a friend. For serious, that is an awesome show. However, most of said episodes were watched with a precocious 2-year-old snuggled with me. Juney is having a hard time adjusting, and each night is an absolute power struggle. I kind of feel like I am losing, but I just don’t have the energy to battle her. Plus, I understand her confusion.

Any magical advice to help me once again redeem the title of “mother” instead of “crazy lady that yells a lot”?



I recently saw a quote, most likely on pinterest, that went something like this: “You can do anything in this life, but you can’t do everything.” I have been thinking about these words incessantly since we were first introduced. What an inspiring, yet troubling truth in life!

Today, instead of focusing on doing everything, I am devoting myself to bettering my tiny little family in my tiny little suburban home in my own tiny little world.

So, though I won’t be posting a life-changing goal-setting post, I can offer you these few tidbits. Yesterday, when I locked myself out of the house for the second time in one week, Juney told me, “Mommy, we need a SUPER hero to help us.” I agreed, and though I am no super hero (I got us locked out in the first place, after all.) we eventually made our way in, with Juney clapping for me from the car. Too cute. I kind of felt like Catwoman, since I had to be so flexible to climb into the back window.

Also, this morning, the kids were taking a bath. Huck decided to, well, do a little #2 in the bath water. Gross, I know. So, all were evacuated, and the water was drained. While we were watching the water go down the drain, Huck peed all over Juney’s leg. I laughed until my sides hurt.

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday!!

The Mommy Diarist

My Lovely Distractions

Good morning to the world! Bittersweet day. In lieu of lots of whiny words, I thought I would share some pics I took yesterday. Still trying to perfect my new camera in low light settings.

Juney literally walks into the house, strips down naked, asks for a drink (in a very throaty, thirty voice) and plops down on the couch with a stack of books. Yes, this happens everytime we come into the house. Crazy kid.

I love this boy.

How is he almost one already?? CRAZY!!!

Yes, that is an Albert Einstein doll. Santa has a sense of humor. Oh, and notice Juney now has clothes on…sort of. A Snow White dress counts, right?

Even Spike was a little bit sad yesterday.

This picture makes me laugh. His eyes are HUGE. And he is watching something absolutely riveting. Or terrifying. Not sure.

Time for lots of morning cuddles. Staying positive (despite lonely sleepless night. I know, poor me. Ok, I had to whine a little.), and ready for lots of important changes. However, it would be great if everyone in my house would simply stop coughing and snotting all over the place. No one ever tells you how positively disgusting kids can be. You’ve been warned.

The Mommy Diarist

Sick Day

This is what a sick day looks like! Love her.

Something different.

Since we are all sick and basically banned from public places, we took a drive yesterday out to Fields of Athenry, our favorite place to buy local, hormone free meat. It is a wonderful place. Definitely check out their website so you can learn more about what they do there. It’s awesome.

While we were there, and in between wiping the noses of my two children, I snapped a few photos of the 4 horses that roam the grounds.

Kind of random, but just thought I would share. I love taking my kiddos to the farm. As a midwestern girl living in the burbs, it is beyond refreshing to have such a gorgeous sanctuary with life pulsing through it to take Huck and Juney.

The last one is my favorite. Just beautiful!

So, Wildhorse has the flu, Huck has croup, and Juney has been coughing all night. Here I sit, patiently waiting for the next fire to put out. Pretty wild and crazy Saturday night! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

The Mommy Diarist

one day at a time…

After spending many, many, MANY nights wide awake in bed, drowning slowly in lofty dreams, business ideas, children’s book plots, incomplete tasks and unrealized goals, I have had an epiphany of sorts. Or maybe it’s a wake-up call. A moment of clarity, if you will. And here it is…….

Ideas + Scatter-brained approach – Organization = Chaos (GENIUS)

Goals + Dreams + Book Plots – Plan = Nothing (BRILLIANT)

Motivation + Good Intentions – Action = Sitting on the couch, drinking a Bud Light, watching the Real Housewives (Archimedes-esque)

Still with me? I know all of you right-brainers are thinking, “What is she saying exactly”?? It is pretty ground-breaking. HA! I need a plan, that’s what!!

Engaging planning phase. Goal-setting, if you will, which I have talked about extensively on this blog, but never actually accomplished (sorry to any of you who believed I actually had it all together). I am going to spend the next week making a list of said goals, dreams, book plots, etc., and I will share with you once complete. In embracing the self-help spirit of the blogiverse, I intend to utilize this forum to explore my quest to accomplish said goals while being a mommy and a wife. I think this is what I was trying to do all along, but not until tonite did I actually realize the purpose of this blog. Yes, folks, I believe I’ve had my coming-of-age moment.

So many dear friends of mine feel trapped in mommyhood (or even wife-hood), thinking that dreamer days are in the past. I say dream on (in the key of Pretty Woman guy and Steven Tyler)!

More to come. Kind of giddy with excitement, despite croup-y baby and Afghanistan bound husband. Life is everywhere, and life is good.

The Mommy Diarist


too much.

Brain. On. Overload. Must. Blog.

So, January is well on its way to February, and I am still trying to catch up from Christmas. I have not yet penned my resolutions, matched the thousands of socks in two heaping laundry baskets upstairs, read my book club book, balanced my home budget or cleaned out my car, all things I told myself I would have done by February 1st. Where does the time go??? More importantly, why do I keep imposing deadlines that ultimately cannot be met? Why must there always be deadlines?? From the moment I wake up, I am battling everything from water bills to photo submission deadlines to milk expiration dates.

If I have learned anything about myself in the 30 years I have known me, this is it. I am absolutely certain that when I am overwhelmed/stressed/unhappy, my brain stops computing in any sort of rational way and goes into super-crazy lady mode. Super-crazy lady mode cannot clearly be defined, but it usually involves slamming cabinets, food (usually of the junk food variety, since I DESERVE it), and a long tearful chat with Wildhorse in which I get the “you’ve-been-talking-for-more-than-15-minutes-straight” open-mouthed stare as a response.

I am not there. Not yet. But, storms a-brewing.

First step to feeling more accomplished is going to be more sleep. So, this will be a short entry. I may not have finished the laundry today, but I did finger-paint, so all is not lost.

For those that know me, you know I am trying to launch my photography business while wrapping my mind around Wildhorse’s upcoming departure to Afghanistan for three months. Will try to keep the pity party to a minimum. Once I catch my groove, I am sure my incessant complaining will once again give way to witty banter and motivational speak. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

The Mommy Diarist