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Wishing my brain was more like an Ipad.

So, I am embarking on a new project. Yes, another one, don’t hate.¬†If you know me, you know I am the absolute queen of unfinished projects. I always have good intentions, buy a myriad of interesting supplies (like a box of 100 ties on ebay), and then nothing really happens. Mostly because I don’t do anything with them.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I really did buy a box of 100 ties. For the record, they are actually pretty rad.

I most definitely see things on the Internet or in boutiques and think, “I can DO that!” With two small children, I sometimes wonder if maybe these moments of inspiration are really actually sleep deprived fantasies or a form of rebellion to days filled with diapers and messes. Either way, I long to be creative and have to have an outlet to feel like me, or no one in my house is happy.

The above picture is my attempt at art in college. It is actually a picture of my husband and I, but many viewers have asked me why I painted a picture of me kissing another girl. Either way, I like it, and it hangs in my children’s play room. In a corner.

Onto the current topic. I have fallen in love with photography. A little over a year ago I bought a DSLR, without even knowing what DSLR means. (Digital single-lens reflex, and yes, I just looked it up. Seriously can’t remember stuff like that.) Now, I, Rebecca Ann, am officially a wanna-be photographic genius. Disclaimer: I am by no means a photographer, just someone who likes to take pictures. BUT, I would like to one day be confident enough in my abilities to start a business and establish myself as a professional, emphasis on ONE day. Excited at the possibility that I think I may have finally found something I can manage and still simultaneously manage my mommy duties.

This past weekend, I had my very first unofficial family shoot. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

While I certainly got some shots I really liked, when I got home and started to process, I was once again plagued by my own photoshop stupidity. I wish my brain was more like an Ipad, and I could just download an app and understand things without having to sit down and learn them. Mastering photoshop is the first step in this business plan of mine. That, and getting a workstation.

Anyway, for those that live close to me, I am sure I will be hitting you up so I can take pictures of you and your families. I learn so much each shoot, and I am so very excited to have found a hobby that I truly enjoy. I will also always be fishing for opinions, so please don’t get frustrated if I am overloading you with my work.

Kiddos have worn me out this morning, so since they are both sleeping, I am off to decompress…..and edit some photos. OBSESSED!