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Something different.

Since we are all sick and basically banned from public places, we took a drive yesterday out to Fields of Athenry, our favorite place to buy local, hormone free meat. It is a wonderful place. Definitely check out their website so you can learn more about what they do there. It’s awesome.

While we were there, and in between wiping the noses of my two children, I snapped a few photos of the 4 horses that roam the grounds.

Kind of random, but just thought I would share. I love taking my kiddos to the farm. As a midwestern girl living in the burbs, it is beyond refreshing to have such a gorgeous sanctuary with life pulsing through it to take Huck and Juney.

The last one is my favorite. Just beautiful!

So, Wildhorse has the flu, Huck has croup, and Juney has been coughing all night. Here I sit, patiently waiting for the next fire to put out. Pretty wild and crazy Saturday night! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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